Sorensen discovered the wonders of photography at an early age. His father introduced him to the world of imagery when he invited him into his darkroom. With the soft glow of a red light and the smell of processing chemicals, his fascination in photography was born. Since then, the camera has been his close companion.


His photographs have attracted the attention of collectors from around the world. One of the hallmarks of his images is to capture everyday scenes and make them unique by displaying subjects from a different angle of view or a facial expression that radiates a wide spectrum of human emotion.


Sorensen also provides photographic services for portraits, special events and architectural assignments in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. His photographs can be purchased in digital or print formats (click on Gallery to view).

Kent Sorensen

"I enjoy photography with every fiber of my body and soul. Something magical happens when I look through the viewfinder in anticipation of freezing a special moment in time." - KS